Goal: Be Culturally Relevant

[Today in Christian Radio] Ravi Zacharias said, “A conviction ungirded by love will make the possessor of them obnoxious and the dogma he possesses repulsive.” If you are like me, you have both the gospel and love in your heart. Yet this society of information-rich individuals who isolate themselves have challenged us to find new ways to share both. Lord, show us creative ways to share the love of Jesus in ways that are culturally acceptable. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

*This is just one of many profound statements in Ravi Zacharias’ sermon called “Convictions that Conquered the World Part 1 of 2.” If interested, listen to it here: http://rzim.org/let-my-people-think-broadcasts/convictions-that-conquered-the-world-part-1-of-2/

**Blog author Kim Bond writes and edits Christian literature for Draw Near Christian ministry. Click FREE EBOOKS to read more.


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