Goal: Heed Conscience

[Today in Christian Radio] Rick Warren talked about the fortune cookie he received: “It said, ‘Commit a sin twice and it won’t feel like a sin.’….Well, that’s true! It’s called a hardened conscience….The fifteenth murder is easier than the first. It’s still murder!” Isn’t that true? We start out feeling guilty, but then we continue in the sin until we barely know it’s wrong. Then we laugh about it, sin openly, and tout the benefits of our sin. Yet when others sin, our mouths gape as they laugh about it without shame. We can only see our own actions in an honest light with God’s help. Lord, heal our seared consciences so that we can be restored to wholeness and honor Your Holy Name. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

*This quote was taken from Rick Warren’s sermon series called “The Words of Forgiveness Part 1.” Listen to the whole sermon here: http://pastorrick.com/listen/player?roi=echo7-29562481031-50157884-380823079ea8fecebba43da6c98a65aa&

****Blog author Kim Bond writes and edits Christian literature for Draw Near Christian ministry. Click FREE EBOOKS to read more.


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