Goal: Pass the Baton

Dr. Alex McFarland said we should always “be diligent about passing the baton of faith to the next generation….” I am deeply in love with Jesus Christ, but I sometimes feel unsure if we are effectively communicating the beauty of His character to young people. Are we giving our love and attention to the next generation? Are we sharing our testimonies and Biblical wisdom with them? Are we praying enough for them? Dear Father, anoint us to say and do things that will inspire faith in the next generation. Give us a wide area of influence—over our own children, extended family, neighbors, friends, and young churchgoers. Thank You, Lord, that it is Your good pleasure to answer this prayer. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

*This blog quotes Dr. Alex McFarland when he was a guest on Focus on the Family’s radio program series called “Helping Your Millennial Child Reconnect With God. (Part 1 of 2)” You can listen to the whole message here: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/media/daily-broadcast/helping-your-millennial-child-reconnect-with-god-pt1

****Blog author Kim Bond writes and edits Christian literature for Draw Near Christian ministry. Click FREE EBOOKS to read more.


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