Goal: Talk It Out With God

[Today in Christian radio] Rick Warren said, “If you don’t express [negative emotions] to God, it’s going to come out…in a compulsion, in an addiction, in an affair, and some other self-destructive behavior.” As Christians, we learn to exchange disappointment for contentedness, gratitude for complaining, and other positive emotions for negative ones. This is a step in becoming a mature Christian, but we must first honestly confess our negative emotions to God. Otherwise we are simply repressing those emotions (which is not healthy either). Dear Lord, help us to identify and express our emotions to You. Let nothing stand between us, Lord. Thank You, Jesus, that You can handle our pain. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

*This quote was taken from Rick Warren’s sermon series called “The Courage to Keep Going, Part 1.” Listen to the whole sermon here: http://pastorrick.com/listen/player/?bid=4dc01d07-5849-4023-9fb4-f9953ae0c67f

****Blog author Kim Bond writes and edits Christian literature for Draw Near Christian ministry. Click FREE EBOOKS to read more.


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