Goal: Vote for Christian Values at Polls

Do you sometimes wonder whether or not whether you should impose your Christian values on others? As long as we are talking about imposing our values in a democratic way, the answer is yes! According to a recent radio broadcast¹, here are some great reasons to take your faith to the polls:

  • Sin is damaging and destructive. As Christians, it is our duty to enact just laws to protect the weak, women and children.
  • Moral principles maintain freedom. When individuals behave immorally, it nearly always crosses the boundaries of someone else’s freedom. It infringes on our liberty.
  • Some value system will be established. Either a Christian value system will be imposed on non-Christians or a non-Christian value system will be imposed on Christians. For the sake of ourselves and our children, we must vote for a Christian value system.

Have you made up your mind to stand firm on your values at the polls? Join me in prayer: Dear Lord, Help us to become bold Christians who will vote in ways to honor You. Guide us to elect politicians who will protect the weak, women, and children. Steer us to moral living that protects true freedom so we can worship You and enjoy living godly lives. Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayer. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

¹Michael Ramsden and Stuart McAllister answers questions at Calvary Chapel. Listen to the broadcast here –  http://rzim.org/just-thinking-broadcasts/calvary-chapel-qa-part-1/. (This question is posed at minute 7 if you want to skip ahead.)

*Blog author Kim Bond writes and edits Christian literature for Draw Near Christian ministry. Click FREE EBOOKS to read more.


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